Full Moon

This image is a composite of approximately 50 frames captured with the SCT. I captured sets of 10 frames centred on 9 different points, and selected the 5 or 6 best of each set. These were averaged to produce a single image, then the sharpest portion of each was combined to produce the final image given here (converted to greyscale). I have formatted it above at 1000x1000 pixels for the web page, but the image is actually 2400x2400. Despite this effort, I think the telescope could do better, as it was a fairly windy night and the air must have turbulent.

Foymount, Ontario; Nov 2, 2009, 1:30 AM; T=-1 C, seeing fair. Canon XSi on SCT; Celestron 1.25" nebula filter. 50x1/320s.

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