The Leo Triplet: galaxies NGC3628, M66, and M65

This is an improvement on a previous image. I accidentally left the ISO setting on 1600 after focussing on a dim star - the result was noisier than I would like but gratifyingly bright. However, due to high ISO and perhaps some loss of dynamic range, the cores of M66 and M65 were overexposed, so I borrowed them from an older image acquired with lower ISO and shorter exposure time.

Moose Creek, Ontario (yellow LP zone); April 4, 2010, 9:45 - 11:15 PM; T=5 C, seeing fair. 120mmED at f/7.5, Canon XSi; Hutech LPS filter; autoguided. ISO1600, 4x15 minutes + ISO 800, 4x10 minutes (galaxy cores).

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