Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33) in emission nebula IC 434

This image was captured over two nights, in the 1.5 hours preceding transit. Seeing was good the first night, and excellent the second. The camera was flipped between nights, but not quite 180 degrees which forced me to crop more from the final image than I would like to. I was having a little trouble with guiding, especially the second night, due to settling on not-quite-firm ground or to my equipment creaking in the cold. I certainly was. Focus was also less than perfect. However, with 200 minutes of capture time at quite low ambient temperatures, the noise level is gratifyingly low.

Mew Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario; November 9, 1:03-2:39 AM, -5 to -7 C + November 10, 2010, 12:55-2:31 AM, -9 to -11 C; Orion Pro on Orion 120ED; unfiltered; seeing good to excellent; autoguided; 12x1000 seconds.

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