M31 Andromeda Galaxy

This image is a composite of three, captured over two nights at an exceptionally dark site. The bottom left portion (10x1000s) is from November 8, when seeing was merely good. The central (8x1000s) and upper right (7x1000s) are from November 9, when seeing was excellent. In each case, images were captured on either side of transit, at a minimum altitude of 60 degrees. Conditions were +3 C to -5 C Nov 8 with moderate humidity; -7 C to -9 C Nov 9 and dry; utterly calm both nights.

Because the atmosphere was less transparent November 8, the first image was redder with slightly reduced contrast (compensated by more frames) compared to the other two. Some slight adjustments were needed to produce identical colors and brightness. The above image, with a width of 2000 pixels, is a 45% reduction of the full resolution image. Another version, with the galaxy oriented horizontally, is available here.

Mew Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario; November 8 + November 9, 2010; Orion Pro on Orion 120ED; unfiltered; seeing good to excellent; autoguided; 25x1000 seconds.

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