Globular cluster M13

This is something of a test image with the 11 inch SCT, and considering the obstacles, I think it's rather good. The obstacles were: no guiding (50-100s exposures), intense light pollution (white zone, my back yard) without a light pollution filter, and a 1/3 moon which set as the last frame was being captured. Compared to an earlier image taken with the 120ED (15 min frames) at a much darker site, the number of stars detected is about the same, but of course the resolution and color in this image are much better.

my back yard; May 9, 2011, 10:40 PM - 1:30 AM; T=5 C, transparency 4/5 and seeing average. 11" EdgeHD at f/10, Orion SSP; no filters; unguided; 35x50 s + 7x100s.

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