Al Niyat in Sharpless 9, with globular cluster M4, and asteroid Rachele, in H alpha

I obtained this image while waiting for M20 to rise enough to photograph, so only 8 frames were obtained. Sharpless 9 is a relatively weak H alpha emitter but makes a nice backdrop to the isolated F class white giant star Al Niyat. The unusually loose globular cluster M4 is in the bottom right corner (north is left in this image, west is up).

8 frames were enough to recognize that I captured an asteroid in this image, which I believe is Rachele (IAU#674). It is visible as a faint vertical track in the upper left, with length about 1% of the height of the image. The asteroid is quite bright in individual frames, but they were stacked with sigma clip so only the faint, overlapping parts of the short tracks were preserved. A crop with a brighter version of the track superimposed, is below.

South of Foymount, Ontario; June 2, 2011, 10:50-11:50 PM; seeing terrible but transparency excellent. Parsec 8300M with H-alpha filter on TV-85@f/5.6; guided; 8x500s exposures.

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