Lagoon Nebula (M8) and Trifid Nebula (M20) in H alpha and OIII

Object(s): M8, M20 Coordinates: RA=18hr4.3min, DEC=-23°40.8min Constellation: Saggitarius
Telescope: TV-85 at f/5.6 Camera: Parsec 8300M Exposures: 22x500s H alpha, 21x500s OIII
Location: Quadeville Road Date(s): June, 2011 FOV: 2°10min x 1°15min
Notable images:

This image has been processed with the tone mapping method of J-P Metsavaino (spectral colors). Originally, I processed it simply by overlaying the OIII on the Ha with 'screen' compositing. The re-processed image, given here, has significantly better detail in M20, smaller and less saturated stars, and better dynamic depth in the nebulosity, particularly the OIII and dimmer parts of the Ha data. The extra brightness in OIII resulted in slightly less contrast and detail in the brighter parts of M8, where emission at both wavelengths is strong.

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