Ring Nebula (M57)

I acquired this image in the white-hot light pollution zone that is my back yard, for the purpose of practising LRGB acquisition with my Parsec camera on the 11 inch HD. Because of the LP, it was impossible to properly capture faint objects (such as the spiral galaxy IC 1296, which is barely visible to the right of the nebula) and getting a good overall color balance was difficult because the background had a strong blue-green color. More importantly, I concluded that acquiring 2x2 RGB and 1x1 luminence is a questionable practise, as greater detail was preserved with the 2x2 RGB alone - in the future, I will be inclined to capture 1x1 RGB and reserve my fourth filter slot for H alpha or perhaps an LP filter. The erudite author of this website would probably agree with me.

August 3 and 4, 2011, Parsec 8300M on Edge HD 11 inch, 10x200s RGB (binned 2x2), off-axis guiding.

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