Region of Sharpless 2-171 in H alpha: 5 panel mosaic

Object(s): SH2-171, NGC7762, NGC7822, Ced214 Coordinates: RA0hr2.9min, DEC67°29.4min Constellation: Cepheus
Telescope: TV-85 at f/5.6 Camera: Parsec 8300M Exposures: 115x1000s H alpha
Location: my back yard Date(s): August/September, 2012 FOV: 4degx3deg
Notable images: Metsavaino

Initially, this was a four-panel mosaic but there wasn't enough overlap between some of the images to cover the slight distortion at the edges. So I captured a fifth image of the bright core of this region (which is Ced214) and patched it up. The central frame has its own entry in the nebula collection.

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