Region of galaxy M106

Object(s): M106; NGC4220, 4217, 4248 Coordinates: RA=12hr 19.6min, DEC=47°14.2min Constellation: Canes Venatici
Telescope: TV-85@f/5.6 Camera: Parsec 8300M Exposures: RGB, x500s: 21,16,16
Location: R, my back yard; BG, Quadeville Road Date(s): March 2012, May 2013 FOV: 100x75 arcmin
Notable images: Crawford Gendler

With this image, I have begun completing projects initiated in the previous year. The red data was acquired from my light-polluted back yard on a night of high transparency; I found previously that this was possible for globular clusters and now I happily realize that it also works for fainter objects.

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