Fireworks Galaxy (NGC6946) and open cluster NGC6939

Object(s): NGC6946, NGC6939 Coordinates: RA20h33.3min, DEC60°27.4min Constellation: Cepheus
Telescope: Esprit150mm Camera: Starshooter Pro Exposures: 15x750s
Location: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan Date(s): August 8-9, 2013 FOV: 70x50 arcmin
Notable images: Teuwen Gendler Schedler

This image was acquired at the 2013 Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in Cypress Hills Provincial Park (campsite 122). The weather for this party was unusually poor, with extensive cloud cover, high humidity, and overall poor transparency. Because imaging time was short and precious, I used the Starshooter OSC camera instead of the more time-consuming Parsec monochrome. I only managed to obtain 15 frames (with lots of time for getting darks in between!!). This was the first time I used the SS on the 150mm scope and I didn't get the best possible focus the first night, so the details are slightly obscured. The image could be improved with a little more work at another site, but I'll leave it as a "pure" star party picture.

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