Eastern side of the moon at 21 days

A mosaic compiled from several planetary camera images, showing the eastern side of the moon in the evening sun. The rugged, western edge of Mare Crisium (center right) is dramatically displayed at this time, and the irregular shape of Messier A is clearly shown. Taken with my 11 inch SCT (without Powermate), I am somewhat dismayed to see that, although the angular resolution of this setup is about 30% greater than the 150mm refractor with 2xPowermate, the latter produced images with significantly better spatial resolution and better detail (see the moon images from 13/04/21). Since I bracketed the focus, the difference is due to seeing, collimation error, or an inherent superiority of the refractor. I'm inclined to think it's the latter!

my back yard; August 23, about 12-2 AM; seeing and transparency good. Celestron NI5 on 11 inch HD, no filters, no barlow.

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