Grimaldi and Hevelius craters on west limb

The moon was 12 days old this night. Grimaldi is the large, half-lit crater near the bottom. Hevelius is the crater above with a partially lit floor, central peak, and small internal crater. North is to the top.

This is the best image (stacked from best 15% of about 730 frames) acquired on a night of 4/5 seeing with a 4x Powermate on my 150mm refractor. It was acquired in 24 bit RGB mode but saved with the Y800 grayscale codec. All of the color images I saved that night suffered from poor focus away from the center - I am not sure why that should make a difference, but I'll photograph the moon using Y800 from now on. There is no discernible increase in spatial resolution compared to images acquired with the 2X Powermate - presumably because the resolution of the scope itself is the limiting factor. However, a night with 5/5 seeing might improve things a little.

my back yard; September 17, 2013, 10:48 PM; seeing very good with average transparency. Celestron NI5 on 150mm with 4X Powermate; approx. 1/100 s exposures; no filters.

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