Region of Rima Hyginus

Captured on the same night I obtained this detailed mosaic of the terminator of the waning half-moon. A curious, deep rille, intersected by an equally curious small, composite crater (Hyginus) which is not an impact feature - it is a collapsed volcanic structure (caldera). Unfortunately I did not optimize the exposure settings well enough for this area, which is very nearly in shadow; as a result the dynamic range is too narrow and it's a bit over-enhanced, and therefore noisy. Image stacked from the best 5% of 3,000 frame videos, captured at 1600x1200 resolution, and drizzled at 2X.

my back yard; September 26, 2013, 3-5:30 AM; seeing exceptionally good with average transparency. Celestron NI5 on 150mm Esprit with 2X Powermate; approx. 1/100 s exposures; no filters.

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