Terminator of the waning half moon

I captured 46 videos the morning of September 26, at a time of exceptionally good seeing, with the waning moon half full. This image is a mosaic of 13 full-frame (2592x1944) images covering the terminator, with each image a stack of about 110 frames (best 15% of about 750 frames). The seeing was so good that I have not reduced the final resolution of this mosaic: the finest details would be pixelated.

I also collected videos of 3,000 frames using a 1600x1200 chip area of selected regions, optimizing the gain and exposure duration to match the brightness of each region, and stacking the best 5% of images. The image quality of these is a little better than the corresponding area of the mosaic. The features are crater Albategnius; craters Copernicus and Kepler; the east side of Mare Imbrium; crater Plato and Vallis Alpes; and Rima Hyginus.

my back yard; September 26, 2013, 3-5:30 AM; seeing exceptionally good with average transparency. Celestron NI5 on 150mm Esprit with 2X Powermate; approx. 1/75 to 1/100 s exposures; no filters.

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