Crab Nebula (M1) in the Hubble palette

This is an 'in progress' narrowband image, using R=SII, G=Halpha, B=OIII. There is enough Halpha and OIII data to bring noise down to reasonable levels, but more SII acquisition will be needed to complete the project.

Object(s): M1 Coordinates: RA=5hr35.2min, DEC=21°57.6min Constellation: Taurus
Telescope: Esprit 150mm f/7 Camera: STF-8300M Exposures: 21x1000s H alpha, 29x1000s OIII, 11x1000s SII (incomplete)
Location: my back yard Date(s): October 2013 FOV: 58x36 arcmin
Notable images: Kimball Sullivan

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