Object(s): NGC891, NGC898 Coordinates: RA2h23.5min, DEC42°24.9min Constellation: Andromeda
Telescope: Esprit150mm Camera: SBig STF-8300 Exposures: (21,18,14,19)x500s LRGB, binned 1x1
Location: Madawaska Highlands Date(s): September 24 and 27, 2014 FOV: 60x45 arcmin
Notable images: Gendler Franke

All luminance subs for this image were acquired on the second night, when seeing was exceptional and the observing location was under a pool of cloudless sky hundreds of km wide - so that the light pollution domes of distant communities were scarcely visible on the horizon. The aurora was completely absent! A fine night for capturing extragalactic photons.

Most of the smaller galaxies are in the deep background, including the small edge-on NGC898 in the upper left corner. The interacting pair to the right of the brightest star (PGC 009101) is at a hefty distance: about 560 million light years. There are also two dwarf satellite galaxies of NGC891 (about 30 mly): the 1.6 arcmin circular smudge in the bottom right corner (UGC1807), and a small, oblong one directly underneath NGC891 and left of UGC1807. There are at least five other known satellite galaxies of NGC891, but they are outside the field of view.

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