A link to Focus Scientific, Ottawa, the helpful purveyors of most of the astronomy equipment I use.

Following, in no particular order, are links to the home pages of some really fine amateur astrophotographers, who set a standard for the rest of us.

Bernhard Hubl
Karel Teuwen
Misti Mountain Observatory
Matija Pozojevic
Chuck's Astrophoto Page
Takayuki Yoshida
Anthony Ayiomamitis
Philip Perkins
Paul Haese
Giovanni Benintende
Russell Crowman
Nicola Montecchiari
Davide Bardini
Petri Kehusmaa
Bob Franke
Steve Cannistra
Jason Jennings
Neil Fleming
Bill Snyder
Ken Crawford
Cxielo Astrophotos
Rogelio Andreo
Martin Pugh
Rob Gendler
Fabian Neyer
Hunter Wilson
Johaness Schedler
Paul Tankersley

with special mention for this narrow band photographer.....WOW! J-P Metsavaino

For those cloudy nights when you just HAVE to do some observing, check out the live view feeds from around the world on Rock Mallin's Night Skies Network.

Of course, the Hubble telescope site is worth visiting. But for the finest professional astrophotographs, go to the site of the European Southern Observatory.

Following are clear sky charts for some of the sites I use.